2001 Turntable Art Battle Champion
2002 Teen's Dj Championships Champion
2003 Vestax Extravaganza Japan Champion
2005 Vestax Extravaganza World Champion
2007 DMC Championship Team World Champion!

2008 DMC Championship Team World Champion!!

2009 DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!

2010 DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!!

2011 DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!!!

2014 DMC Championship Japan Champion

2016 OUTLOOCK Festival JP Sound clash Champion


ターンテーブリストとして活動開始後、2002年Teen's Dj Championshipsで優勝を掴み取るのを皮切 りに翌2003年にはVestax Extravaganzaで日本Championとなり、さらに翌年行われたWorld Fainal では3位に入賞。2004年盟友DJ YASAとKIREEK結成。
2005年Vestax Extravaganzaにて二度目のJapanタイトルを獲得すると、その勢いで臨んだWorld Fainalではアジア人初の Vestax World championに輝く。

2007年、日本が誇るビッグレイヴ FUJI ROCK FESTIVALにKIREEKで出演。同年ロンドンで開催さ れたDMC World DJ Championshipのチーム部門で初出場にもかかわらず並み居る強豪国を抑え世界 チャンピオンの栄冠をつかみ取る。その勢いはとどまることを知らず、2008年、2009年、2010年に ディフェンディングチャンピオンとして出場し、日本初の世界チャンプ4冠の偉業を成し遂げ、世界記 録に到達。そして遂に2011年、ロンドンにて前人未到の世界5連覇に挑戦し、結果ジャッジ全員が Kireekに1位をつけるという完全優勝で世界新記録を更新し、不 動の地位を確立する。

その独特なサウンドスタイルが評価され、ロンドンでNIKE DESTROYERジャケットを記念したイベ ントや、モスクワで行われたTOYOTA IQのロシア発売イベント、中国ツアーなど海外でも注目される。

KIREEKとしてアルバム1枚[One in Two]、DVD1枚[KIREEK TV]、レコード1枚[KIREEK BREAKS] をリリースし、HIFANA.SHINGO☆西成など多くのアーティストの楽曲制作、REMIXも手がける。

2018年アラブ首長国連邦,ルーブル美術館アブダビにて開催されたTurntable Symphonic Orchestraの 一員として参加。


現在はProducerとして音楽制作、CM楽曲提供を行い、DJとしてTechno.Tech houseを中心にPlayし、 その卓越したスクラッチ、2枚使いの技術と、DJの基本的要素である、オーディエンスを踊らすことを 掛け合わした新たなstyleで各地のダンスフロアを賑わせている。


Not long after taking up DJing, Hi-C had his first success in 2002; he won the Teen’s DJ Championship. In 2003 he became the Japanese Vestax Extravaganza Champion and in 2004 he placed 3rd at the world final. Later that year, he joined up with DJ Yasa and together they became Kireek. 2005 saw more success as he again took the Japanese Vestax title and went on to become the Vestax World Champion while being the first Asian person to do so.

Kireek continued to gain traction on the scene and in 2007 they were invited to perform at the Fuji Rock Festival. In the same year, they entered the DMC World DJ Championship for the first time in the Team category and were the winners - on their first attempt. Kireek continued to return to London to defend their title and did so successfully in 2008, 2009 and 2010 leading them to become 4-time champions and a dominating force on the turntabling scene. The biggest success came as they defended their title one last time in 2011. By unanimous decision of the judges, they became World Champions for a fifth time and also setting a new record of the most successive titles in the competition. No other competitor has achieved the feat of winning a title five times in a row.

The unique style of their sound had garnered a lot of attention and so they were invited to perform at the Nike Destroyer Jacket event in London, the launch of the Toyota IQ in Moscow and they also toured China.

Kireek released one album called ‘One in Two’, a DVD called ‘Kireek TV’ and a record called ‘Kireek Breaks’. They have also worked with a range of other well-known recording artists in Japan such as Hifana, SHINGO☆西成 and many others, providing

songwriting and remixing services.
In 2018, DJ Hi-C was invited by Pioneer to visit The Louvre in Abu Dhabi as a

member of the Turntable Symphonic Orchestra.
2018 also saw the dissolution of Kireek as both DJ Hi-C and DJ Yasa wanted to

pursue their own musical interests and directions.
Currently, DJ Hi-C produces his own songs and provides songwriting services for

TV and Internet advertising campaigns. As a DJ he continues to perform professionally and his preferred styles are Techno and Tech House. His versatility means that he is without limits though. His scratching ability combined with a deep mastery of DJing techniques leads to an infectious style that makes the dance floor full of happy, smiley, dancing people.